Medcure Anatomical Tissue Bank Provides New Service In Europe

PORTLAND, Oregon –August 20, 2012 – MedCure announced it is opening a non-transplant anatomical tissue bank on September 1st, 2012 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. This anatomical tissue bank in Amsterdam is the first of its kind and will provide much needed human cadaveric tissue specimens to be utilized by universities and medical researchers and educators in Europe.

“It has been traditionally difficult for researchers and physicians to acquire unembalmed cadavers for their research, education, or surgical training in Europe,” says April Salsbury, CEO of MedCure. “Unembalmed cadavers provide an exact representation of human anatomy, including the variation from individual to individual, unlike any available anatomical models.”

Dr. Orhan Arslan, course director of anatomy at University of Southern Florida Health, says there is no substitute for a human cadaver for teaching. “The virtual approach can’t substitute for the real thing. It cannot be taught by looking at slides or listening to a lecture,” he said.

Salsbury states, “This is an exciting opportunity for our European partnerships. Access to quality cadaveric anatomical specimens is fundamental to medical health technology advancement. Our European location will provide greater access to our unique services and enhance research within the medical community.”

MedCure is a non-transplant, anatomical tissue bank devoted to compassionate, ethical services that connect the gift of whole body donors to medical researchers and educators worldwide; MedCure also provides state-of-the-art surgical training laboratories for physicians to learn advanced surgical procedures through lecture and hands-on practice.

MedCure’s services contribute to advanced physician training, development of assistive medical devices, study of disease pathology, emergency medical training, improving medicines and more effective, less invasive treatments for patients. For more information about MedCure visit or call 503-764-9919.

Valere Beck | Director of Marketing | MedCure

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