Introducing Co-op Donor Milk from Medolac

Easy to use, and more affordable than ever.

We are excited to announce the upcoming release of Co-op Donor Milk, the first donor milk that can be stored at room temperature! In partnership with Medolac Laboratories we have put in countless hours to ensure that Co-op Donor Milk offers an unparalleled level of safety, quality and convenience. Co-op Donor Milk was developed out of a need for an easy-to-use and more affordable donor breast milk.

What Makes Co-op Donor Milk Different?

Co-op Donor Milk is the first “store at room temperature” donor milk. There is NO freezing, NO thawing required. Packaged in a 4 oz foil packet, Co-op Donor Milk is shelf-life stable for three years and ready-to-feed upon tearing open the foil packet.

– Homogenized which may help prevent clogged feeding tubes
– Commercially-sterile to address concerns over Bacillus Cereus
– Ready-to-feed, gently shake packet, tear and pour
– Shipped using affordable ground shipping
– Packed in an easy to stock case of 48 pcs / 4 ounce foil packets
– Offered in partnership from Medolac Laboratories and The Mothers Milk Cooperative


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