SAM® Junctional Tourniquet Awarded JEMS Hot Product for 2014

WILSONVILLE, Ore., May 29, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — SAM Medical Products is pleased to announce the SAM Junctional Tourniquet (SJT) was one of the winners of the JEMS Hot Products Awards for 2014. Of the multitude of products entered into the competition, the JEMS editors picked the SJT as one of the best new products on the market. Winners will officially be announced in the June issue of JEMS magazine.

The SJT is designed to control bleeding where standard tourniquets would not be effective. Such wounds are typically junctional in nature, such as a high level leg or arm amputation. Time is of the essence for patients with these types of injuries, and the SJT’s simple design allows hemorrhage control in less than 25 seconds in most cases.

The SJT has three indications of use – controlling inguinal hemorrhage, controlling axilla hemorrhage and pelvic fracture stabilization. The SJT stays firmly in place in transport. The patented Autostop buckle provides the optimum range of force required to safely and effectively close an unstable pelvic fracture, as documented by over 100 peer reviewed journals since 2002. No other device currently available on the market offers this level of versatility for these three cleared indications.

“We are honored to be chosen as a Hot Product” said Dr. Sam Scheinberg, Orthopedic Surgeon, CEO and Founder of SAM Medical Products. “JEMS is a highly respected organization, and this is a tribute to all the hard work the team at SAM Medical dedicated to developing this product.”

The SAM Junctional Tourniquet is available for purchase worldwide.

About SAM Medical Products
SAM Medical Products is committed to bringing innovative solutions to market that meet the challenging needs of emergency medicine, the military, and hospitals around the world. The SAM Splint is the gold standard in flexible splinting products, and we take pride in creating quality products that raise the bar. Our product lines focus primarily on fracture management and wound care, and include the SAM Splint, SAM Pelvic Sling II, SAM Junctional Tourniquet, SAM Soft Shell Splint, and the SAM Chest Seal. Headquartered in Wilsonville, OR, our products are distributed globally in over 60 countries. Find out more at

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