Expanding Medical Innovation and Better Health through Advocacy

By Dennis McNannay, Oregon Bioscience Association Executive Director

2015 is here and another year of opportunities begins for the Oregon Bioscience Association. All the signs look positive as Oregon Bio continues to build momentum based on our previous efforts to educate, advocate and cultivate on behalf of our diverse industry. Having launched a first-of-its-kind workforce training program for under and unemployed Oregonians, hosted our most successful annual conference ever, and having raised industry awareness within economic development and policy circles, 2015 is likely to be a pivotal year for Oregon’s bioscience industry.

For years, the Oregon Bio Board has been carefully reshaping our strategic plans to carefully align our limited resources to achieve our broad mission. In response, the Board implemented a rotating program of strategic annual priorities. Understanding that the organization is too small to fully engage on every goal every year, the Board agreed to alternate the focus each year between one of Oregon Bio’s three core missions. In 2014, our focus was on education and workforce training which led to many great successes and a 50 percent expansion in this critical program.
The primary focus shifts to advocacy for 2015.

“As with any well-reasoned strategy, the timing is not coincidental. Scheduled to coincide with the 2015 legislative ‘long session’, this year’s long session provides the perfect opportunity to highlight the growing importance of the bioscience industry to the Oregon economy and the future health of its citizens.”
Dennis McNannay, Oregon Bioscience Association Executive Director

Certainly the momentum of the highly visible Knight Cancer Challenge and our past legislative successes helps position Oregon Bio for success. However, the key to managing a successful advocacy program is experienced, thoughtful leadership. Oregon Bio is fortunate to have a core group of dedicated volunteers who serve on our Government Affair and Advocacy Committee (GAAC) and drive its policy agenda. This amazing group of industry experts, from a broad spectrum of companies, is led by Jennifer Stoll, of Allergan. Oregon Bio owes them our deep gratitude.

Recognizing the importance of our 2015 focus on advocacy, the 2015 newsletter editions will attempt to profile policy issues that are important to the bioscience industry. In some cases, these articles may be educational in nature, while other articles may lay out our profile stand in an effort to stimulate support for our member companies. In either case, Oregon Bio will remain committed to an advocacy agenda firmly grounded in science, economic development and access to innovative medical innovations.

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