COVID-19: Oregon Bio companies Grace BioLabs and Nemametrix respond to the call

Last week, major trade organizations Oregon Bioscience Association, Pacific Northwest Defense Coalition, Oregon Manufacturing Extension Partnership and Built Oregon announced a joint effort, COVID-19: Supply and Equipment Inventory in Oregon, which establishes a resource platform to identify, support and discover availability of care supplies and inventory for research and testing needs to address the unprecedented health pandemic COVID-19 (“Coronavirus”). See the announcement here.

Grace BioLabs in Bend has long been working on products and technologies to address infectious diseases. In recent weeks, it has deployed resources to manufacture and distribute CDC compliant hand sanitizer as well as utilizing their raw materials and technologies to retrofit face shields for hospital workers at St. Charles Medical Center and OHSU.

Nemametrix Inc., now known as InVivo Biosystems, a growing bio company based in Eugene, shared word of its work identifying and humanizing the ACE2 gene in zebrafish and nematodes/C. elegans which shows the cardiac effects/cardiotoxicity of novel coronavirus, said Matt Beaudet, CEO.

Grace Bio-Lab’s novel proteomic microarray and microfluidic products are used in the discovery of antigenic epitopes of SARS-Cov-2 for the development of vaccines against the virus, as well as for COVID serological studies, to help identify patients infected with the virus.

Says Lisa Hale, Chief Executive Office of Grace BioLabs, “In these uncertain times, I’m so proud we’ve been able to pivot our resources to fighting the spread in our communities as well as for our customers on the front lines.”

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