OMEP announces potential funding to manufacturers

Oregon Manufacturing Extension Partnership (OMEP), shares  that through its membership in Manufacturing USA Institutes (MUSA) ARM (Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing),OMEP can provide funding to manufacturers who are responding to COVID-19. ARM has opened funding applications for the following:

  • Grants to accelerate production of critical materials, equipment and supplies.
  • Additional production facilities.
  • Workforce development and training for manufacturing workers.

OMEP’s Jasmine Agnor said, “If there are manufacturers who are re-tooling or interested in retooling to meet critical supply needs, building innovative products for COVID-19 countermeasures, or needing workforce training to meet COVID-19 demands, please reach out. We will schedule a call with a company to discuss the project.”

Agnor adds that while OMEP is not recommending all manufacturers re-tool to meet demand, manufacturers must determine the feasibility as part of their own strategic planning. “However, if a manufacturer already has projects underway, or plans to re-tool, OMEP can help them apply for a funding project through ARM to defray costs.  Additionally, if a manufacturer is interested in exploring a manufacturing pivot that would support on-shoring efforts, these projects would also be considered.  At this point OMEP is unsure of how much funding is available or likelihood of awards.”

Interested manufacturers can reach out to Jasmine Agnor at OMEP at  

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