AdvaMed and Portland-metro based Acumed welcome administration’s announcement on elective surgeries

On April 16, federal administrators gave the green light to resume elective surgeries during their coronavirus briefing. The decision is part of the larger plan to gradually reopen the country as the coronavirus pandemic plays out.

AdvaMed President and CEO Scott Whitaker released the following statement, “We appreciate the President’s announcement tonight of a plan that would safely allow elective surgeries to resume. The term ‘elective surgeries’ implies they’re procedures patients choose to have, but in reality means surgeries or procedures that are ‘scheduled,’ are important to the patient’s health, and must often be performed. As the plan is implemented, we must ensure that patients who need life-saving care can receive it. We thank the White House task force for working with AdvaMed, our member companies who manufacture these crucial surgical technologies, and the health care professionals who helped make the case that we need to work responsibly to get these patients the care they need.”

Sharon Wolfington, CEO and President of Acumed stated, “Acumed has continued production at full capacity so we could support our employees and our customers in preparation for this announcement.” According to an article in Mass Bio, other medical device makers are also seeing business gains.

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AdvaMed member companies produce the medical devices, diagnostic products and health information systems that are transforming health care through earlier disease detection, less invasive procedures and more effective treatments. AdvaMed members range from the largest to the smallest medical technology innovators and companies. For more information, visit

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