Bio forward: In the post COVID-19 world, local bioscience is solving and serving innovation

As we emerge from the pandemic, our Oregon and southwest Washington sectors of biotech, medical device, diagnostics and health IT are at the forefront of providing lifesaving and health-improving solutions like never before in history – from therapeutics to vaccines to testing to clinical trials to sterilization to PPE manufacturing to telehealth to tracing and tracking.  A growth industry with high paying jobs, our bioscience industry answered the call and will continue to play a pivotal role in our region’s economic recovery.

How are you and your company/firm/organization/institution driving solutions now.

Oregon Bio is creating and sharing the stories that showcase how member organizations are addressing the pandemic through research, technology, manufacturing, collaboration and innovation. What’s your story? We invite you to connect with us ahead of our upcoming Town Hall webinar on May 28.  Email to tell us what you are doing and help us highlight you.

For example, the Biotech Innovation Organization (BIO) has developed the tool to track new treatments and vaccines in the COVID-19 pipeline. This online resource illustrates the unprecedented campaign being undertaken by bioscience innovators to combat – and ultimately eradicate – the novel coronavirus.

We can’t wait to hear your company’s story.

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