Local biotechnology company, Grace Bio-Labs, makes clinical grade hand sanitizer for area hospitals available to the public

Not all hand sanitizers are made the same; Efficacy is compromised in many cheaper brands

Local Bend based Biotechnology company, Grace Bio Labs, has been producing pharmaceutical grade hand sanitizer exclusively for St. Charles Hospitals since the beginning of the pandemic. Grace Bio Labs formula was developed as a clinical grade I product and is made from 70% isopropanol, meeting WHO recommended and CDC guidelines for effectiveness in killing most bacteria and many viruses, like Covid-19.

By pivoting their production during this unprecedented circumstance, Grace Bio Labs has been able to help tackle the broad shortages in quality hand sanitizer. Supplying the area hospitals is critical to the safety, health and well-being of the Central Oregon Community. Now, with Covid-19 cases rapidly rising, the need for safe and effective sanitizer in the hands of our community has never been more important. Grace Bio Labs is offering it to the general public and it is readily available at their Bend, Oregon location.

The FDA recently stated that there has been an increase in hand sanitizers on the market that are labeled to contain denatured ethyl alcohol, or ethanol, but have tested positive for methanol, or wood alcohol. Ost denatured alcohol is denatured with 5% methanol. If methanol is absorbed through the skin, it can cause blindness and hospitalizations, or death if ingested. In the last 24 hours, NBC reported a new recall list compiled from the FDA that includes over 75 brands of hand sanitizer deemed to be unsafe and ineffective. Use of these sanitizers can lead to skin rashes, burns, internal toxicity and even death.

The FDA urges consumers to be cautious of the brands they are purchasing, read the ingredients and be mindful that cheaper doesn’t always mean safe.

Grace Bio-Labs is a globally recognized developer and manufacturer of tools for life science research for over 30 years. Our commitment to providing quality is the core component from design to delivery in supporting the world’s researchers, academic institutions and industry giants.


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