Behind-the-scenes view of Twist Bioscience impresses elected officials

Bozinovic, Executive Director, Oregon Bioscience Association
OR State Senator Aaron Woods with Liisa Bozinovic, Executive Director, Oregon Bioscience Association

The Oregon Bioscience Association and Twist Bioscience recently hosted Oregon state legislators, and other elected officials and members of their staff on a VIP tour of Twist’s new 100,000-square-foot factory in Wilsonville. Policymakers viewed firsthand the proprietary semiconductor-based manufacturing process to make synthetic DNA, that Twist’s customers use to advance new therapeutics, diagnostic tests, industrial chemicals, agricultural products and even to store digital data.

Among those touring the new $100 Million ‘Factory of the Future’ on the Oct. 25, 2023, tour were:

·        Oregon State Representative Ed Diehl

·        Wilsonville Mayor Julie Fitzgerald

·        Oregon State Senator Mark Meek

·        Oregon State Senator Aaron Woods

Tourgoers watched as DNA was being imprinted on silicone chips, Twist’s proprietary process that uses 99.8% less chemicals than the standard 96-well plate approach. Tour guide Angela Bitting shared that although Twist only began shipping products out of their Wilsonville facility in January of this year, they are already up to 300 employees.

Many policymakers then stayed on for the Business for Bioscience panel, which kicked off Oregon Bio’s 2023 Biotech Summit. 

In a Nov. 1, 2023, Facebook Post, Representative Ed Diehl wrote of his experience:

I attended a fascinating and informative tour of Twist Bioscience in Wilsonville, the host of the Bioscience Summit was put on by the Oregon Bioscience Association.  Oregon has a robust and growing bioscience industry, and we heard from several industry leaders.

Twist is a fascinating company. They make synthetic DNA to order! Using a proprietary process that leverages semiconductor technology, they manufacture DNA strands that are used for research and testing around the world. 

Oregon is a technology leader. As a legislator, I want to make sure we have a tax and regulatory environment that rewards innovation and good paying jobs, and an education system that develops the workforce of the future.

Oregon Bio thanks all of the legislators and their staff who attended this year’s Summit. As the collective voice for the bioscience industry in Oregon, we look forward to continuing to work together on policies that increase Oregon’s competitiveness in this industry that does so much to advance scientific knowledge, develop innovative technologies, and contribute to improvements in healthcare, agriculture, and the environment.

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