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Oregon Bio, a member trade association, was formally established as a 501(c)(6) non-profit in 1989 by a consortium of universities, public officials, educators and bioscience executives to cultivate a regionally synergistic climate in which to build a bioscience community. Today, Oregon Bio supports the regional bioscience community through networking, workforce development, educational programs, enterprise support, advocacy and the promotion of research collaborations.

As the collective voice for our bioscience community, Oregon Bio is responsible for communicating the industry’s economic impact, issues and challenges to the public sector, educators and the general public.

Oregon Bio promotes the growth and continually seeks ways to support sustainability and growth in the life science, bioscience, biotechnology and device manufacturing sectors. Oregon Bio offers a host of member services to lower operational costs and promote partnering, so members can achieve their scientific, economic and social potential. Oregon Bio is a nonprofit association and an affiliate of the Biotechnology Innovation Organization.

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The Oregon Bioscience Association provides a unified voice for the Oregon bioscience community by:

  • Representing the bioscience research-to-commercialization process
  • Accelerating the growth of the biosciences industry in all parts of Oregon
  • Enhancing the state’s bioscience business and research climate
  • Helping attract and retain bioscience talent and companies
  • Vigorously working to improve the quality of the bioscience workforce
  • Partnering with government at all levels to achieve its goals

Our mission is to promote the growth and quality of the Oregon bioscience industry with the objective to

  • Advocate: Oregon Bio works with its members to develop a robust advocacy agenda. Whether to protect patient access to medicines, increase market access and financing, or implement the Oregon Investment Act, bioscience and Oregon Bio are impacting the marketplace.
  • Cultivate: Oregon Bio’s commitment to community and collaboration is the driving factor behind our programs and events. These professional activities, which run throughout the year, are designed to educate and cultivate positive interactions within the bioscience community.
  • Educate: Oregon Bio has developed BioPro, a comprehensive workforce training program. BioPro is targeted at the workforce development needs of companies and research institutions in biotechnology, medical devices, diagnostic tools, and related technologies.

Our vision: Oregon Bioscience Association members will be more successful because of their involvement with the organization and the related exposure to a rich infrastructure of people, resources, support, and knowledge that are focused on the bioscience industry in Oregon.

Looking to get involved?  Show your active support for Oregon Bio and the bioscience community by volunteering.

As an Oregon Bio volunteer you can:

  • Enrich your professional development as well as that of others
  • Explore career and personal interests
  • Earn great recommendations for future employment or educational opportunities
  • Develop marketable job skills
  • Build your resume
  • Enrich your education
  • Make new friends
  • Uncover hidden skills and talents
  • Increase your self-confidence
  • Have fun
  • And most of all, make a difference!
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