Dr. Emmanuel Akporiaye joins the Oregon Bio board

The Oregon Bioscience Association is pleased to announce that Dr. Akporiaye has joined its Board of Directors

Dr. Emmanuel Akporiaye has over 35  years of experience as a cancer researcher.  His research efforts have focused on understanding the interactions between cancer cells and immune cells that favour tumor growth and spread, and developing novel therapies that are safe, effective, and less toxic while at the same time ensuring that the patient’s quality of life is not compromised. In 2012, Dr. Akporiaye […]

Oregon Bio – 2021: What a year!

Year in Review with Liisa Bozinovic, Executive Director, Oregon Bioscience Association

2021 was a year of change at the Oregon Bioscience Association for #ORBioMembers as well as the industry on a regional and global level. We’re counting success by the numbers and by outcomes that grew the industry and ensured our members’ successes.

What a year it was! The region’s first

Voice of Industry: How Aronora is developing ‘paradigm-shifting therapies’

Erik I. Tucker

Oregon Bio recently talked with Erik I. Tucker, Ph.D., president and CEO of Aronora, Inc., a clinical stage biotechnology company developing paradigm-shifting therapies for serious hematologic diseases. Aronora launched and is headquartered in Portland and we recently heard some of Dr. Tucker’s wisdom.

Q. What is Aronora’s mission?
Aronora is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company with a mission to develop safe, paradigm-shifting drugs to treat life-threatening blood diseases. We have three […]