Oregon Bio member and non-member companies are eligible to participate in BioPro classes, trainings and certificate programs.


Since 2007, Oregon Bio has offered a professional workforce training program (BioPro) designed to meet the needs of Oregon’s growing bioscience industry. Based on the guidance we receive from our Advisory Committee, we have developed a robust catalog of industry-specific classes taught by industry experts. Since BioPro’s inception, over 2,400 bioscience workers benefited from this program. BioPro Workforce Training raises the knowledge and efficiency of our local and regional bioscience workforce, improving the competitiveness of our industry. A more highly-skilled bioscience workforce makes a positive impact on company operations and competitiveness. While enriching the Oregon workforce in general, BioPro Workforce Training also improves employee recruitment, strengthens managerial capacity, grows economic development capacity, increases production output and grows wages. Both Oregon Bio member and non-member companies are eligible to participate in the training.

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Many classes are four hours in length, enabling employees to work a half day. Multiple day classes are scheduled one week apart so that the impact of an employees absence from work is minimized.

Classes result in an Oregon Bio certification. The training curriculum is based on standardized, industry-accepted curriculum and FDA requirements related to the medical device and pharmaceutical industries. The curriculum and class logistics are also evaluated by students, employers, and steering committee members to ensure continuous improvement in each offering as needed.


Half-day Class$250$200
1-day Class$475$375
2-day Class$775$625
80-hour Certificate$4275$2995


Oregon Bio uses a formal committee made up of human resources and quality management experts from member companies. The committee guides Oregon Bio in selecting courses and instructors that will have the most value to industry companies and their workforce development needs. Steering committee members have included representatives from Acumed, Aerotek, APDM, Biotronik/MSEI, Genentech, Montgomery Strategic, Lumencor, Molecular MD, Pacific Light Technology, Pulse Health, SolarWorld, TE Connectivity, Thermo Fisher, RevMedx and Vanguard EMS.  Learn more about Oregon Bio committees.

For more information about BioPro classes or how to join the Steering Committee, please contact Julie Black at

Cancellation Policy

For cancellations up to 10 business days prior to class start date, the enrollment fee(s) can be applied to future classes.  Cancellations less than 10 business days prior to class start date will not be eligible for credit.  Cancellation requests must be sent in writing via email to

Classes require a minimum of 10 students. If fewer students are registered for a class, the class will be rescheduled.

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