Careers in Biotechnology

What is Bioscience?

Bioscience encompasses a broad range of disciplines that involve the application of biological knowledge and techniques to develop products and services that improve human health, agriculture, and industry. This can include areas such as biotechnology, biomedical engineering, pharmaceuticals, genetics, biochemistry, and more. The examples you provided, like medicines, medical devices, agricultural innovations, and DNA manipulation, are all common applications of bioscience.

Careers in Biotech

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What do Biomanufacturing Technicians do?

Biomanufacturing technicians play a vital role in the production of biopharmaceuticals, vaccines, and other biological products. They are responsible for operating and maintaining equipment used in the manufacturing process, ensuring that products meet quality standards, and following strict safety protocols. Biomanufacturing technicians also assist in troubleshooting equipment issues and may be involved in process improvement initiatives.

What do Quality Control Technicians do?

Quality control technicians are responsible for ensuring that products meet quality standards and specifications. They perform various tests and inspections on raw materials, in-process samples, and finished products to ensure they meet regulatory requirements and company standards. Quality control technicians also document test results, identify and address quality issues, and contribute to continuous improvement efforts.

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