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Twist Bioscience is currently seeking a Senior Process Technician for the production of silicon chips used in our world class DNA synthesis process. The candidate will perform a variety of processes including wet processing, plasma cleaning, chemical vapor deposition, photolithography, visual inspections, and other quality control functions. The candidate must be willing to work in a highly disciplined production environment in which standard operating procedures are always followed even when production demands are high.

Required Skills and Experience

Associates degree or equivalent
A minimum of 8 years experience manufacturing semiconductors, magnetic recording devices, telecommunications, or biotechnology chips
Experience with standard cleanroom practices
Experience with wet processing chips or wafers
Experience using high-powered microscopes for defect detection
Comfortable working with hazardous chemicals and familiar with common safety practices
Experience with data collection and familiarity with Excel, data entry, and basic statistics
Proven ability to perform a variety of tasks on tight schedules
Experience writing SOPs and training personnel
Preferred Experience

Experience with photolithography and vacuum processing systems
Experience with MES (Manufacturing Execution System)

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