Gene Manufacturing – Supervisor

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Synthetic DNA for Health and Sustainability

Programmable DNA, the software of Life, is finally here! Twist Bioscience is developing a disruptive Synthetic DNA technology that will change the world, enabling widespread health and sustainability. Synthetic biologists will use our products to engineer how organisms produce cures to diseases, make everyday chemicals by using the atmosphere as the carbon source, enable plants to make their own fertilizers, and to create in-vivo diagnostics that alert us when we are sick, and many more applications.

We are looking for motivated and enthusiastic individuals to join our Twist Bioscience Operations Team in Wilsonville, near Portland, Oregon. The ideal candidate will be driven and will do what it takes to keep synthetic biology manufacturing on track in a fast-paced start-up environment.

The Gene Manufacturing Supervisor will be very knowledgeable of basic synthetic/molecular biology skills (PCR, vector production, cloning, miniprep, DNA analysis, sequencing, packaging) and will perform, train and/or oversee the production staff on basic molecular biology workflows in a highly automated, high-throughput manner. He or she will be responsible for the manufacture and analysis of a variety of custom gene products across Twist Bioscience’s proprietary workflow. The Manufacturing Supervisor will be the main point of contact for shift operators. He or she will assure the staff is working according to the plan of record, will provide guidance, make decisions on priorities and troubleshooting.

The Manufacturing Supervisor will also be responsible for leading the pass down of information between shifts.

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