Gadusol Laboratories

Gadusol Laboratories is a biotech startup company based in Corvallis, Oregon in the R&D phase using proprietary Oregon State University synthetic biology methodology to produce natural sunscreen compounds found in marine life. Fish and plant life have been protecting themselves from the sun’s harmful UV rays for eons of time, and although scientists have been aware of these UV-absorbing compounds, there has never been a way to produce the compounds for human use, until now. These compounds will be natural, […]


Suterra’s proprietary pheromone technology protects agricultural crops and food storage facilities from harmful pests by confusing them and disrupting their mating behavior. Suterra’s brands such as CheckMate® and Magnet MED help growers all over the world reduce the use of traditional pesticides and chemical agents. Suterra operates the world’s largest dedicated pheromone manufacturing facility, controlling all aspects of chemical synthesis, product design and quality control. Headquartered in Bend, Oregon, Suterra is wholly owned by