Vector Remote Care

Vector Remote Care manages home monitoring for all implanted cardiac device patients. Our secure software platform give clinicians and physicians real-time access to all patient reports, no matter the manufacturer. We provide easy to interpret, color coded and summarized dashboards.


APDM’s mission is to develop and commercialize best-in-class solutions for quantifying human movement with wearable technologies. As a first step in this mission, we created the world’s most advanced movement monitors. These range from our premier Opals to our low-cost Sapphires. All of our movement monitors have a full kinematic sensor suite including low-noise triaxial accelerometers, gyroscopes, and magnetometers. To expand on our mission, we developed the first wearable sensor-based gait and balance assessment system, Mobility Lab. This system has […]

CardioWise, Inc.

CardioWise, Inc. has developed an advanced Machine Learning (ML) Platform for cardiac imaging. We provide unprecedented new diagnostic insights to physicians by utilizing commonly available clinical images and delivering quantitative, meaningful results via the existing physician workflow. CardioWise ML analyses increase objectivity in decision-making; and improve day-to-day clinical cardiac practice, saving lives, while reducing the cost of care worldwide.

Heart Disease is the leading cause of death. The key to survival is early detection, effective intervention and post treatment monitoring. Since […]

Jupiter Devices

Jupiter Devices is creating a noninvasive Continuous Glucose Monitor technology (CGM) utilizing Radio Frequency (RF) analysis of the physical structure of chemical bonds to accurately measure glucose without blood extraction or hypodermic sampling of interstitial fluid. It will be small enough to fit into a watch and is intended to replace the invasive hypodermic CGM systems as well as blood glucose monitors and disposable test strips.

Recentia Health

Recentia Health believes that technology should be used to help physicians spend more time with their patients, and should support the physician’s mission of providing the highest quality health care.

To that end, we are building a national health records bank supporting a healthcare app ecosystem for third party developers.

We are fostering the development of health care apps for physicians and patients by providing creative third party developers who specialize in user experience design with simple APIs to our patient knowledge […]

Silver Member: Revelar

Revelar is a leading breath diagnostics company focused on analyzing key biomarkers in point-of-care settings to provide critical data points and accelerate efficacy in disease prevention, detection, and personalized treatment protocols.

We are revolutionizing healthcare by revealing personal health metrics with the power to shape the future of human health and longevity.