APDM’s mission is to develop and commercialize best-in-class solutions for quantifying human movement with wearable technologies. As a first step in this mission, we created the world’s most advanced movement monitors. These range from our premier Opals to our low-cost Sapphires. All of our movement monitors have a full kinematic sensor suite including low-noise triaxial accelerometers, gyroscopes, and magnetometers. To expand on our mission, we developed the first wearable sensor-based gait and balance assessment system, Mobility Lab. This system has […]


Caring for someone who won’t get better is one of the most expensive and traumatic experiences we all will go through; Caregiven’s digital health platform guides families to the appropriate end-of-life support and services so they can spend less time overwhelmed by administrative tasks and more meaningful time with their loved-one.

Fundamental Fitness Labs

Fundamental Fitness Labs sets you in a new fitness direction by first finding a comprehensive baseline.  They measure strength, flexibility, balance, speed and endurance. From there they track your progress to optimize your health and well being. They are on the forefront of pre disease and pre injury data collection.

Fundamental Fitness Labs uses technology to bring data to the consumer as well as medical and healthcare providers. They are currently developing a metabolic device that will accurately measure calorie burn, […]

Kamino Care

Kamino Care provides individualized preventative health check-ups from the comfort of your home. From personal experience, we also found the one-size fits all healthcare model alienates people from different cultural backgrounds, genders, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, and socio-economic realities. We’re here to be a voice for those communities. As a 2020 Portland Incubator Experiment (PIE) company, Kamino Care is backed by the City of Portland and some of Portland’s most innovative healthcare providers and tech entrepreneurs.

Radiant Pain Relief

Combining modern pain science, innovative technologies and disruptive new business models, Radiant Pain Relief is changing the way chronic pain is understood and treated. The company is pioneering and developing medical devices, coupled with novel technology-enabled interface and care delivery that allow for lasting relief, for nearly all types of chronic pain, without drugs, needles, surgery or side effects.

Recentia Health

Recentia Health believes that technology should be used to help physicians spend more time with their patients, and should support the physician’s mission of providing the highest quality health care.

To that end, we are building a national health records bank supporting a healthcare app ecosystem for third party developers.

We are fostering the development of health care apps for physicians and patients by providing creative third party developers who specialize in user experience design with simple APIs to our patient knowledge […]

Tranquility XR

Tranquility XR is a Portland-based digital therapeutics company that develops immersive Augmented Reality and Mobile software designed to reframe the cancer experience and lower the rate of anxiety and PTSD related to cancer treatment. There are nearly 2 million people diagnosed with cancer in the US annually, 60% promote the DSM-5 criteria for PTSD related to treatment. Utilizing proven distraction therapy techniques combined with mindfulness exercises and ambient, natural, interactive elements, Tranquility XR’s mission is to calm the infusion experience […]

Vector Remote Care

Vector Remote Care manages home monitoring for all implanted cardiac device patients. Our secure software platform give clinicians and physicians real-time access to all patient reports, no matter the manufacturer. We provide easy to interpret, color coded and summarized dashboards.