StoneStable Inc.

StoneStable, Inc. is a Portland-based startup company with close ties to Portland State University and plans to use technology developed by Professor Ken Stedman to address the issue of vaccine wastage. According to a World Health Organization report over fifty percent of all vaccines are wasted. A major factor contributing to the loss is lack of refrigeration. As biological products, vaccines must be transported at controlled temperatures. If at any point in time the “cold chain” between the production line […]


UbiVac is a company that offers a pipeline of groundbreaking immunotherapies in preclinical and clinical stage trials. Since 2005 the company has been engaged in the research, development and testing of therapeutic immunotherapy strategies to combat cancer and infectious diseases.

UbiVac’s lead product, DPV-001 (DRibble) is a first in class DC-targeted complex vaccine/combination immunotherapy that is now in Phase II clinical trials for lung cancer. A pilot study of the vaccine is open for patients with prostate cancer, and a Phase […]