CardioWise, Inc.

CardioWise, Inc. has developed an advanced Machine Learning (ML) Platform for cardiac imaging. We provide unprecedented new diagnostic insights to physicians by utilizing commonly available clinical images and delivering quantitative, meaningful results via the existing physician workflow. CardioWise ML analyses increase objectivity in decision-making; and improve day-to-day clinical cardiac practice, saving lives, while reducing the cost of care worldwide.

Heart Disease is the leading cause of death. The key to survival is early detection, effective intervention and post treatment monitoring. Since there is no single diagnostic test that can deliver quantitative results to assess heart contractile function, providers have utilized multiple, qualitative surrogate imaging tests to determine the course of treatment. In the US $17 billion are spent yearly on cardiac diagnostic scans, many of which are unnecessary.

Leveraging patented ML software algorithms, CardioWise provides simple, easy-to-use 4D quantitative images of heart function on any mobile device over a secure cloud portal to cardiologists, referring physicians and patients satisfying the “Meaningful Use” criteria. CardioWise is the first Machine Learning (ML) solution developed to provide caregivers with a 4D cardiac MRI data analysis in a quantitative image needed to accurately and easily assess the viability of the patient’s heart.

CardioWise ML analysis produces a highly accurate mathematical model of the heart that measures strain in 4D and compares it to a strain database of healthy hearts at 15,300 points. Results are displayed in a color 3D model in which blue is normal and red is not normal. This technique will become the gold standard for the diagnosis of cardiovascular disease.

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