Gold Member: OFD Bio|Pharma

OFD BioPharma is ready to commission our ISO-5 / BSL-2 Capable Facility in Albany, OR for Bio Pharma & Life Sciences activities.

  • Our lyophilization CDMO services span clinical to commercial scale capabilities on a scale of 1 to 110 liters in our P5 facility.
  • Bulk lyophilization of API and excipient capacity from development through commercial scale of 1100 liters per batch in our P3 facility.
  • Our newest technology ”LYP” focuses on preparation of a wide range of precise volumetric  lyopastilles  in QDT/ODT form.
  • LYP can be used for biologics. diagnostic, topical/inhalation or oral delivery platforms for precise dosed use in bulk/powdered or sheet formats.
  • Whether for retention of active, non-active, or biologic materials, LYP can be used for diagnostic, topical (LYP rapidly dissolving), inhalation or pulmonary delivery “as a misting component”.

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