HealthSaaS is a thought leader in healthcare interoperability solutions that enable meaningful exchange of patient-driven data. The HealthSaaS CarePath Platform combines sophisticated technology with simplicity and ease of use for patient and provider populations. Our cloud based IoT services, powered by AWS are designed to meet the specific requirements of health IT companies, clinicians, hospitals, pharmacies, and home health organizations. The result is a secure, vendor‐neutral infrastructure which uses advanced AI technologies, backed by medical literature, to facilitate early interventions and reduce readmissions for the chronic condition patient.

From chronic disease management to health and wellness programs, our vision allows us to create solutions that enhance healthcare provider efficiencies, track outcomes, and improve the quality of life for patients throughout the continuum of care. In addition to its portfolio of services for healthcare organizations, researchers, and clinicians, HealthSaaS offers leading edge technology for device prescribing, pairing, asset tracking, and full access-controlled integrated data presentation to any permutation of available clinicians.

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